Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 1 At Work

We're currently in the county of Hui Ze and staying in the village of Yi Che.  From here were going to travel to some more distant townships.  Today Bob ran a free clinic out of the local hospital.  People came in with all sorts of complaints and Bob ran through a general physical check up.  Occasionaly he would break out the sonogram machine and check for any cardiac abnormalities.  It was also market day today.  Once every six or seven days people from surrounding townships come down to the village to sell their products.  It was crazy.  Most of the people here have never seen a white foreigner, so you can only imagine the amount of surprised looks us white folks received.  Bob's assistant Shan Shan Chen took some amazing photos.  Yi Che will be home for the next two weeks but will be doing daily excursions to more remote locations.   I've never experienced something quite like this and probably won't again, unless I decide to come back (hint hint).  
(i tried to write this as my blog but i'm having trouble accessing the website, the internet connection is not great where I am)


Gwen said...
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Anonymous said...

Jason, Your pics are coming through beautifully. Keep them coming. What a wonderful experience you're having. We are also very excited that you got an interview at UW and wish you the very best. I hope the admissions committee somehow knows of this for the medical experience you are seeking out! Porky [and Pennie w a new total knee as of 3/11]

Anonymous said...

Jason, unbelieveable! I love your pictures and your info and blog. It's fun to see you and what you're doing. Having dinner with your parents tonight at Ciro. Be safe! Love Sheila W.